Claire’s sister!

The Captain and I adopted a new puppy today.

The neatest part of the story is that she really isn’t “new” to us…we met her on January 5th, the day we adopted Claire. She is Claire’s sister, one of her littermates! She was actually the puppy that I liked at first, before we decided on Claire. You might remember me telling you about the blonde one that looked like a little lab? It is HER!

I check the webpage of the rescue organization almost every day, just daydreaming about when we could get another puppy. Claire is really a “dog’s dog” and she really thrives when she is around other pooches. We’ve always known we were going to get another one soon (the plan was January), but everything has happened a lot faster than we’d anticipated. There was a new litter of boxer mix puppies posted on the website; seven weeks old, and one that we just fell in love with. We made an appointment to go out there this morning, and when we got there, the babies were as cute as they could be. They were less than ten pounds, fit in the palms of our hands, and were a lot more outgoing than Claire was at that age. But, though The Captain and I thought the puppies were adorable, but we didn’t feel the “rightness” about them that we thought was necessary for such a big change. We also couldn’t decide between the one we’d seen on the website and her sister, who turned out to be even cuter in person., and we felt like if it was meant to be, the choice should have been easy. We wandered around for a bit with the puppies, trying to come to a decision, and eventually the guy that works there (who was also the guy that handled our adoption of Claire) came out with some paperwork in his hands and asked what Claire’s name was when she was at the rescue. We told him (they called her Pumpkin), and he said that he thought that they had her sister there. He led us to the kennel her alleged sister was in, and sure enough, it was. We were able to tell that she was Claire’s sister from fifty yards away! Their resemblance to each other is striking.

I was so overwhelmed that I immediately started crying. The guy explained how her original owners adopted her as a puppy around the same time that we got Claire, but had just returned her on September 2nd. Apparently, the wife is now pregnant and they didn’t feel like they could handle her and the new baby, so they relinquished her back to Richardson Rescue. As we approached her kennel, she shyly peeped her head in and out of her little igloo doghouse, flirting with us, and instantly The Captain and I were hooked. I had wanted to take BOTH she and Claire home with us that day in January, and here she was, in front of us and homeless, nine months later! We deliberated about it for about fifteen minutes, but the decision was really made as soon as we saw her face. We said we were going to get Claire a sister…never in a million years did we think that it would ACTUALLY be her sister that we were adopting!

She is actually a bit smaller than Claire, which surprised us. Claire was the smallest of the litter, and the blonde one had huge feet as a puppy, so we figured she would be large like a lab (the main reason we didn’t take both she and Claire in January). She is also a lot sweeter and more affectionate than Claire. I think where Claire is a dog’s-dog, her sister is a people’s-dog. I’m a bit worried that she was mildly verbally or even physically abused by her previous owners, because she has cowered down the few times I’ve raised my voice, and once when she piddled on the floor, I said “No!” and moved toward her to catch her mid-pee, and she yelped out loud in fear and scurried away, hugging the floor. The rescue also told us that the previous owners did not uphold their end of the contract and get her spayed like they were obligated to, so we will have to get that done too. But, she is allegedly crate-trained and potty trained (questionable, because she has piddled in the house three times since I got her home), and there won’t be a half a dozen vet visits to get her the early puppy vaccinations, just the spay and some booster shots.

She is incredibly sweet and has been attached to The Captain and I like a limpet since we got into the car at the rescue. Claire and she are already like peas in a pod. They have finally worn themselves out and are sleeping on either side of my computer chair. I feel a sense of regret that we hadn’t brought her home that day in January, thinking about how different this first year of her life would have been if she’d spent it with us, rather than with a couple that possibly abused her and ended up abandoning her at the same place they rescued her from, nine months later. But she is where she belongs now. I have a feeling that she won’t even remember that part of her life after a few weeks with us.

The rescue had named her “Pansy” when she was in their care, and her first owners just kept that name. The Captain and I are trying to come up with something that is appropriate for her. We have considered “Lily”, “Casey”, and “Trudy”, with “Ruby” being the frontrunner. She is still young enough that she can learn a new name rather quickly.

Update: We chose “Casey”. Here are some photos from her first month with us:

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