It’s positive.

Lately, I’ve been feeling different, somehow, and I told Captain my concerns. They (whoever “they” are) say that most women just KNOW when they have a baby on board, and it turns out, I was no exception. It wasn’t something that I was powerfully aware of, it was more of a tickling at the back of my consciousness that something was new, something was different within me.

Captain and I went to Harris Teeter to buy groceries this evening, and I plucked a pregnancy test off the shelf in the pharmacy and hid it in the cart. When we got home, I promptly disappeared into our little downstairs bathroom to take the test.

The test takes three minutes to process, so, as my hubby put it, we did what all couples facing some life-altering answers do; we took the dogs out. The pregnancy test stayed on the sink in the bathroom.

After several minutes, we both cautiously peeked around the corner of the doorway, and it was quite obviously two lines on the test.

There was no question about it; we are having a baby!



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