Two weeks.

Pumpkin had her two-week weight check last Thursday. The pediatrician fawned over her some more…she is very good at making us feel like we are the best parents in the world, and that Pumpkin is the most exceptional and beautiful child on the planet. She is a wonderful doctor.

Pumpkin was nine pounds and seven ounces at her two week appointment! She was 8.13 when we left the hospital, and the pediatrician said that this means she is gaining about an ounce a day. Wow!

They measured her length as well, and somehow she is now 22 inches long. I’m sure there had to have been a mistake when they measured her when she was born…no way did she grow two inches in two weeks!

She is a joy and a treasure, and already so engaged with her environment, when she is awake. She looks Captain and I straight in the face when we are holding her, and she is still sweet-tempered and SO calm for a newborn.

She is also entertaining! She grunts and grumbles like a little gnome, and her little behind can rumble like a full-grown man’s. I can’t believe how gassy she is!

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