Lots of new things.

New this past week are several adorable things! For one, Pumpkin really gets into playing with her feet now…she especially loves when they are bare when she is getting her diaper changed. She will be putting them in her mouth in no time! She has also started sucking on my neck or my cheeks when we cuddle or I’m burping her. She actually left a hickey on my neck on Friday night. She doesn’t really do it to her daddy, and I think it is because of his whiskers.

When I talk to her now, she often focuses very intently on my face, and makes these little fizzing, gurgling noises, kind of blowing air out of her mouth. She really moves her lips and mouth a lot as we talk to her, and I think she may be an early talker! She loves reaching up and grabbing tiny fistfuls of our hair or our skin on our necks or cheeks. The dogs absolutely fascinate her…I love that she is going to get to grow up with them.

Photos are from February 24, 2010. I think she gets prettier every day.

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