Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why plants need water and sunlight? I’m sure all of us have inevitably killed a plant by not giving it water, or keeping it in the sunshine. Many of us fail to recognize that plants are ORGANISMS, because we are animal-centric organisms, being animals ourselves. But plants are living things; they have energy demands, habitat requirements, and are capable of responding to stimuli. If you put the plant in a pot inside of your house or on your porch, and don’t give it what it needs, it will eventually die. Plants in the ground are able to seek out what they need via their root systems. But when the plant in the pot on the kitchen table or back patio bench runs out of space for its roots to go, it is dependent upon you!

Though this is an overly-simplified explanation, plants need water and sunlight to fuel the process of photosynthesis; the process by which they make their own food. That food, incidentally, is also utterly important to us, as it makes up the “base” of the food chain. All organisms on this planet are ultimately dependent upon the process of photosynthesis (unless we are talking about the rare organism that performs chemosynthesis, but that would be another blog entry entirely). Anyway, that “food” that plants make for themselves is a wonderful little sugar called glucose, a carbon-based molecule. Plants essentially take carbon out of carbon dioxide, the waste product that we expel as a a gas when we respire, and assimilate it into this incredibly important different carbon-based compound, glucose. The way they do this is by taking the hydrogen out of water (H2O), charging it up using energy from the sun, and using that energy to take carbon out of the air and make it into a sugar molecule. (As a side note, that splitting of water is where the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from…it enables us to breathe and therefore live on this planet!)

Why am I talking about photosynthesis in this blog? Really, I’m talking about fuel. As anyone reading this blog can see, we started it with grand intentions of posting regularly, but no new entries have been made since January. I’m planning on putting some fuel back into it, and using it to link up with my new gardening page on Facebook, which I’ve also named “photosynthesis”. The term photosynthesis, like most biological terms, can be picked apart to derive the meaning. The “photo” in “photosynthesis” refers to the capturing of the sun’s energy, and the “synthesis” is where that energy is used to create glucose. I love the idea of making something special and important out of very basic materials. That’s what plants do, and I’d like to follow suit.

Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Photosynthesis-Evolution-of-a-Gardener/111160918925932?v=info …/like it, and receive updates on your newsfeed. I hope to not only discuss my progress in the garden, but I also plan on providing information on plants, products, creatures you may encounter, solutions to potential problems, and gardening lore. Enjoy!

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