Cut it off!

I have about a dozen pairs of gardening gloves, with about half of them being cheap (but wonderful) Atlas nitrile gloves. They are great gloves; the closest I have found to wearing nothing at all. I like to be able to feel the soil, and feel what I am doing, but in a land of black widows and poison ivy, I don’t feel comfortable going bare. But, I digress.

I have this one pair of orange Atlas gloves that I somehow always come back to. They seem to be the ones that are always there when I need them, or the only ones dry (any gardener knows how gross it is to have to put your hands into wet gloves). However, they have this fuzzy string hanging off of them near the wrist, and not a gardening session goes by that it doesn’t brush up against the tender skin of my inner wrist, and scare the mess out of me. Even though it has happened probably a hundred times, the primitive part of my brain (the “flight” response, perhaps?) tells me, “THERE IS SOMETHING CRAWLING UP YOUR ARM!”, and with the abundance of black widows (I’ve found about two-dozen of them on our property in the last three years)…of course my brain tells me that it is one of them. Regardless of this, I have been using this pair of gloves for a year, and haven’t cut off the string. I don’t spend that five seconds that it would take to find my gardening scissors (or geez…even pruners would work), and cut the string off. This little string has caused me many a moment of fear and heart palpitations, so why haven’t I gotten rid of it?

The other day, I finally did. I cut it off. The gloves, lo’ and behold, work just as well as they did before, and now I can use them without hassle.

Where am I going with this? I suppose I’m trying to use this as an analogy for taking care of business in a timely fashion. By “business”, I mean little, nagging things that you’ve been putting off for no good reason. Is there something simple you’ve been meaning to do, but it gets pushed aside for more important things? Think about how nice it would be to not have to worry about it any more, if you just “cut it off”. Are there toxic people in your life? Cut them off. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

In other news, I saw my first hummingbird today. I’ve got a great banquet of salvias, hibiscus, lantana, and Gauras for them to feast on this year. Now that we have an umbrella for the back porch table, I’m hoping to spend more time out there to watch them.

My raised herb garden is getting done this weekend as part of my Mother’s Day festivities from my husband. Speaking of Mother’s Day, do you know what one of the most fantastic things a gardening woman can hear from her usually-disinterested-in-gardening husband? “I want to take you out and buy you a plant for Mother’s Day.” Bliss. I haven’t stopped thinking about what I’m going to pick out since he told me earlier this week. Maybe a climbing rose? Some Confederate jasmine to replace the one that died a few years ago? Thinking about it is as fun as doing it!

One thought on “Cut it off!

  1. I go through gardening gloves like crazy so I found your post amusing! Plus, I think Keith and Patrick on the same page when it comes to Mother's Day gifts! A few years ago Patrick gave me a gift card to my fave nursery to pick what I wanted. Every year since we have used this weekend to let me go crazy and buy all the flower for my front hanging baskets and pots. This is the first year I haven't done that since he's flying out today but I did buy all my herbs & strawberries + soil so the baskets are waiting until next weekend! Good men I tell ya…a way to our heart may be greenery that we can plant, not just in a vase!


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