Readers bring accountability?

I wonder if I had more readers, if I would hold myself more accountable for maintaining a blog. I have all of these ambitions to share things, but when it comes down to having some rare “free” computer time, I surf Facebook or piddle around in Lightroom with my photography for the nth time. I think if I knew that a lot of people were reading my entries, I would be more ambitious about producing content.

I’ll never be another Ree Drummond (the Queen Bee of multi-dimensional superwoman writers in the bloggosphere), as much as I would aspire to do so. Imagine my disappointment after I brainstormed and fantasized about all of the things I would love to write about; gardening, cooking, motherhood, photography…only to realize that these sorts of blogs are peppered all over the internet like checkers on gingham! I’m either incredibly vain or incredibly naive to think that my idea of an all-in-one woman-power blog would be an original idea. I’m relatively late to THAT table!

I think part of my problem is that I think I’m fundamentally an uninteresting person. Maybe I’m lacking that aspect of my genetic makeup that makes me a rabid self-promoter (note that I qualified that with “rabid”; I am certainly guilty of self-promotion, but I don’t think I have that fire for it in my belly that would someday result in the ability for my husband and I to quit our jobs and become professional blog-jockeys). I find myself admiring woman-bloggers especially; ones that seem to excel at effortless over-sharing and the ability to write anecdotes about how their child just (hilariously) put a dog turd into their Easybake Oven muffin tins, all the while making it seem funny, rather than contrived and/or bizarrely gross.

I’ve also started to grow a bit weary of the rampant self-congratulatory nature of a lot of fem-bloggers in particular, especially on Facebook. It has become chic to be “conspicuously authentic”. I have subscribed to a lot of pages on there, via the /like function. I enjoy getting the newsy posts about natural parenting, breastfeeding, gardening, and photography in particular in my News Feed, but there is also a lot of tooting of people’s own proverbial horns that goes on. I don’t want to be a horn-tooter. People can see right through that, even if posts are made under the guise of “educating others” or strictly for the sake of humor.

How is that balance found? Educational yet entertaining content, posts that are funny without being bizarrely gross, and not coming across as a self-congratulatory hag.

I’ll let you know when I find out.

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