Pumpkin’s Vocabulary

I’ve realized I haven’t recorded her language progress, and I want to try to catch up so we have a record of it.

I don’t even remember what her first actual word was…I think “bye”, “hiee” (her way of saying “hi”), “da” and “nu” (for “no”) were the earliest.

Now at 14 months, she is also saying “dada”, “baby” (various adorable mispronunciations of it), “uh-oh” (I’m sure she got this one from my parents, and she actually uses it in context, too), “moh” (for “more”), and “baw” for “bottle”, and “bah” for “ball” – there is a distinct difference between the “baw” and “bah”! She will also say “oooh” when she is excited.

She is obsessed with her little tennis shoes, and a few times she has made a “sha” sound, like she is thinking about saying the word “shoes”. Captain has picked her up a few times from daycare and she didn’t have her shoes on, and when he tells her it is time to get shoes on and go home, she will remember exactly where the daycare ladies put them last, and take him over to show him where they are (with a good bit of excited gesturing and “oohs”).

I looked at my baby today and realized that she is already becoming a new person before my eyes. I really need to start doing more writing about her.

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