Letting sleeping babes lie.

Pumpkin slept until after 7:00 am today, which is rare. She also went down like a charm last night, around 7:40. I’m trying to resist getting too excited about her sleeping through the night, because keeping expectations reasonable is the easiest way to avoid disappointment.

When Pumpkin was right around six months old, she slept through the night about three nights in a row. The Captain and I were so self congratulatory, and I think we even each said “We made it!” Oh, poor, foolish first-time parents. Looking back at those memories of our ten-months past selves, I laugh when I think about how we had it all figured out. Shortly after that point, Pumpkin started getting up in the night regularly again (which, we know now, is what babies are supposed to do), and only until recently has she started sleeping more regularly again. In truth, it is normal for many children to not consistently sleep through the night until they are three years old.

Pumpkin stopped nursing around thirteen months, and I realize now that if I could go back to having those late-night nursing sessions with her, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m nearly as excited about nursing again as I am for the arrival of this new baby. How selfish is that?

This morning I had to actually wake Pumpkin from her sleep, which is rare. The Captain takes her to daycare on Fridays, which is my only day off (we can hash out my rationale and subsequent mommy-guilt about that later, I assure you, there is plenty of it). So I had to get her dressed and her hair and teeth brushed, and the boogers off her face. My favorite part about having to wake her up is that she is such a warm little sack of potatoes when she is still half asleep. She nestles her face into my neck and I can smell her hair and the warm place behind her ear.

Sharing a photo in this post of her napping last week. I had to wake her up from this nap, too…and then, she was just as cuddly as she was this morning.

What will I do when she is too big for me to wrap myself around?

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