Every morning, Pumpkin and I play for about an hour before the Captain takes her to daycare. My workday doesn’t start until 9:30, so my morning is a bit more laid back than his. He gets his coffee and computer time before his day starts, and I get my quality time in with the munchkin.

Her mind is blooming like crazy right now, and earlier this week we were delighted to learn that she knows our dog’s names, who mommy and daddy are, and who Pumpkin is. Aunt J was visiting at the time, so we learned that she knew her too. We’d say, “Where’s daddy?” and she would point to the Captain. We’d say “Where’s Cody?” and she would point to the right pooch. It was delightful! She is quite vocal, but she isn’t saying “daddy” and “mommy” (usually comes out sounding like “maymie”) much, so it was thrilling to know that even though she may not address us as such, she knows who we are.

So lately, we’ve really ramped up asking her, “Where’s your ________?”, trying to assess the extent of her vocabulary (and let’s be honest, here…also purely for the sake of delighting in our first child’s world and mind expanding before our very eyes – and ears). This morning, playing in her room, I asked her, “Where’s your toy box?” She looked at me and immediately went to her closet, which is in the opposite direction of the toy box. I opened the door for her, and she immediately grabbed the box of wooden toy blocks that we store on the floor in there. How wonderful!

After she gave me the box of blocks, she walked past where I was sitting on the floor, and went to her toybox. I thought she’d immediately lost interest in the blocks, and passed it off as toddler fickleness. My back was to the toys, so I didn’t see what she was grabbing until she came back around to where I had the box of blocks. She had brought a toy watering bucket that her Grandma J had bought her. Weeks ago, I had showed her how to take the blocks and put them into the toy watering bucket, and she remembered the game. Later I found out that the Captain has also played this same game with her, so it has been reinforced, but still…wow.

Genius baby? I think so.

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