Fun with baby powder.

The highlight of my day didn’t come until a few minutes after 8:00 this evening.

I’ve been on Pumpkin duty tonight to give the Captain a night to play computer games. We try our best to keep the baby-related stuff as close to equal as possible (he really is a dream of a man in that regard), but for the last few months with me being ill from early pregnancy, he has been doing far more than his share of the bargain. Pumpkin and I had a wonderful evening, and while it was exhausting, I soaked up every second. We read books. We played with blocks. We cuddled doll babies. We reviewed words that she knew (most adorable recent addition to her vocabulary being “kaykgee”; her version of “spaghetti”). We stuck Mickey Mouse stickers to our bare bellies, then peeled them off and stuck them on our arms. We were just two girls, hanging out.

I established in the previous post how Pumpkin has a tendency to do her evening poop in the bathtub, and I waited tonight until almost 8:00 pm to see if she would do her business in her diaper rather than in the (freshly cleaned) bathtub. The poop never happened, and it got to be too late to wait any more, so I went ahead with the bath. All clear. We made it. No “deposits” made at the Bathtub Bank and Loan.

The Captain has started an evening ritual with Pumpkin that involves a lot of funny faces, giggling, and general shenanigans as he gets her dried off and dressed after her bath (he is usually on bath duty every night, so for me it was a guest-starring role). Tonight, she treated me to some of her funniest faces. One of them features her making a caricature of a “surprise” face, with pursed little lips and big brown eyes as huge as they can get, eyebrows halfway up her forehead. This usually makes the Captain laugh his ass off, and consequently Pumpkin dissolves into laughter. Tonight, when she treated me to the face as I was putting her diaper on (along with some baby powder, as I usually do for overnights), and I started laughing, and so did she, and then is when the magical moment of the evening occurred.

She laughed with so much force that a resonant little fart came out of her little bottom, and it was followed by a little puff! of baby powder.

I jerked back by reflex, expecting this to be the poop disaster event of the evening. She jumped when I jumped, which made her laugh even more.

What a funny little treasure. I laughed so hard.

I wonder if there are many other 32-year old mamas out there that are as entertained by bodily function humor as I am.

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