I think I have a problem.

I remember reading a forum entry several weeks ago by a woman that just found out she was having her first little girl after having two boys. The first thing she mentioned was how excited she was to get to shop for little girl clothes. I remember a mild feeling of distaste at reading this…I can’t really explain why. I remember feeling like, “Seriously? This is what being the mother of a little girl boils down to for you?”

And then I realized that I was being a judgmental hag, and realized, well, yeah. Girl clothes are cuter than boy clothes.

But maybe we just feel that way because we, as mothers, are girls, and pink and purple and flowers and butterflies appeal more to our aesthetic? You don’t really see any men getting giddy about having a daughter so they can buy her clothes.

Anyway, the Captain and I are now faced with getting massive amounts of sh*t out of our house to make room for the new baby. I’m currently in the process of rounding up our nicer sh*t that people might want to give us money in order for it to become their sh*t. Our neighborhood’s community garage sale is next weekend, and I think I have a good bit of stuff that will move. Here’s hoping.

While cleaning out closets, boxes upon boxes of Pumpkin’s old clothing kept turning up, until I ended up with seven boxes of her old clothes that I have to go through. Added to this are two laundry baskets that are overflowing with her 12-month sized winter stuff that hasn’t made it into storage yet; it was just haphazardly stacked in a corner of her closet, on top of other boxes of stuff.

I think I have a problem.

Granted, a lot of stuff comes from her Grandparents and Aunt Jane. But most of it is mommy-sourced. Mostly, from consignment shops. I can’t even imagine the stuff in those boxes that she never actually got to wear.


Now, I could mke this entire blog post about the glory of consignment (and rename the post “Why the hell aren’t you shopping at consignment stores?”), but I will try to keep it brief. Really, probably 85% of Pumpkin’s clothes come from consignment shops (we buy all toys and baby-related gear and furniture brand-new for safety and sanitary purposes), and a good portion of them still have the tags on them. I can go to a consignment shop and it is like I just got to shop at Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, and Osh Kosh B’Gosh all in one store, at a fraction of the price. I’ve already gotten Pumpkin a lot of darling summer clothes, including some that I would have never found at retail stores; including an adorable jumper with even more adorable embroidery that says “Carrot Seeds” on it. (As a side note; go to consignment shops in the nice parts of town, people!)

I’m not a label junkie, really. But the truth is, I especially find Osh Kosh and Gymboree stuff extra cute, and would never buy it at full price. But at consignment shops, the world is mine. As evidenced by the piles and piles of old clothes I need to slash in half before this new baby comes. Eesh…it is going to be fun.

So, why aren’t you consigning? Just show some restraint. Don’t go nuts.

Well, okay. Go nuts. Its fun!

4 thoughts on “I think I have a problem.

  1. Wow. That is a lot of clothing! She has more clothes than me! But, as a growing girl, it’s important for her to have clothes that fit (of course)… and that are cute (again, of course). Love the new outfits! Precious!Peace, Love, & Paw Prints


  2. Oh, I’m definitely a consigner! I now buy all of my jeans at Plato’s Closet. Strictly. After paying $27 for THREE pairs of NAME BRAND jeans in near mint condition… there’s no way on Earth I’d ever shell out more than $15 for a single pair of jeans anywhere else. Add Dots and Gordman’s to the mix and I’ll never set foot in a department store again! Granted the latter two are not consignment shops, but they’re cheap, especially clearance items! $3 for a cute shirt? $4 for adorable earrings? Count me in!


  3. I am one of those mommys that has 2 boys 🙂 I know that if I had ever had a girl, I too would be excited about the girl clothes, toys, shoes, hair items, etc. 🙂 You are not a judgemental hag Jenny, if anything you are just honest 🙂 Its why I like you.Surely, just having a healthy baby is key when pregnant. Although for those of us only blessed with boys, and can only buy boys clothing that are EXTREMELY boring, having a little girl to spoil rotten would be just so much darn fun :)Maybe her comment wasn’t meant the way you heard it/read it. But again, this is my opinion 😛 It still doesn’t make you a bad person for reading it any other way. Since I am not having any more children of my own blood, DJ and I have talked about adopting a little girl. I know for a fact that I would spoil her rotten with the massive amounts of cutesy girl clothes, and hair accessories! 🙂 Although with my luck, she will grow up to be a tom boy :Poh and to make my reply/comment even longer and boring. I am a total thrift store junkie for my clothes! ❤


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