State of the Uterus Address

We had our 18-week ultrasound last Thursday, and the baby looks fantastic. I really enjoyed the scan this time, because our technician discussed with us everything that she went over, and confirmed that things looked great. She told us very early in the scan that we were having a little girl! I simultaneously overjoyed and a bit shocked, honestly…I thought for sure that this baby was a boy. It feels natural, though, when I think of having two daughters. The Captain is also thrilled. Pumpkin is simply head-over-heels for him, and he was meant to have baby girls.

I’m already daydreaming about the three of us girls going out for mommy-daughter outings, sharing secrets and dreams and cappucinos.

This also means two times the prom dresses, two times the Kotex, and two times the weddings to pay for. Two times the gray hair for daddy, and two times the drama.

I really just….can’t…wait.

So, the fetus is officially “Peach”, until she is born and we decide on a name. Pumpkin didn’t have a name until about thirty minutes after her birth, and her name just struck us as the right one. We have a strong contender for a middle name, but it is anyone’s guess what her first name will be.

I was 18 weeks, 3 days on the day of the ultrasound, but she measured at around 19 weeks, 1 day. Another big, beautiful girl.

As for how I’m feeling; things are getting easier. I’m still likewhoafeellikeIhaven’tsleptformonths tired even though I get at least seven or so hours of sleep each night, but the nausea is about 99% gone and only rears it’s head when I eat too much. My appetite has come back, but just like my pregnancy with Pumpkin, I’m finding it difficult to adequately eat enough vegetables. My varicose vein in my left leg is back with a vengeance (thank goodness for capri pants), and my complexion is still a bit of a disaster, but at least I feel better.

I’ll just keep telling myself that.

I’m already thinking about nursery themes. The ubiquitous princesses and fairies that are associated with little girl decor have never really appealed to The Captain and I. I originally was thinking of an ocean themed room for the new baby. Pumpkin’s room has a playful safari animal theme, with orange walls and lots of juicy pink in her linens. I thought that an ocean theme would be a nice foil to it, but mostly everything oceany that I find has a distinctly boy feel to it. We did so much that was gender neutral when preparing for Pumpkin, that I want to give in to the girly a bit with Peach.

I’ve always loved owls, and found some really adorable forest-themed sets with owls in it, as well as some neat wall decals. This Pottery Barn Kids “Brooke” set is really cute, and would go with this darling wall decal. A girlfriend also sent me this Zutano set, which I also love.

Pumpkin is going to be evicted from the crib within the next few months (as a side note, The Captain and I witnessed her climbing out of it for the first time this afternoon, while we were trying to get her to nap), and I’ll need to get her some big girl bedding to go on the futon that will be her bed. Do they make toddler bedding sets in double bed dimensions?

Hoping for a successful garage sale this upcoming weekend. We’ve got a lot to get done!

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