Reasons #267 and #268 why I love my husband.

Reason #267. Today, he picked Pumpkin up from daycare, as he usually does. I went to get a pedicure (much needed; I’m getting to the point where it is uncomfortable to reach down to my toes, and sandal season is here), and I told him where I was, via text message. Fifteen minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, from the pedicure chair, I see him strolling in with Pumpkin in his arms to see me.

A man that comes to visit his woman at a nail salon even though he is going to see her within the hour…that is some special stuff, readers.

Reason #268. Shortly after getting home, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed that the Captain had gone outside to play with Pumpkin. When I looked out the back door, they were nowhere to be found. The reason? The Captain was crammed into her big pink playhouse on the porch, with her inside with him. All I could see was the curve of his back through one of the windows, and hear their laughter.

The man is going to have to tone down the awesome, I’m afraid. My heart can’t handle two things like this in the same twenty-four hour period, let alone the same two-hour period.

5 thoughts on “Reasons #267 and #268 why I love my husband.

  1. ❤ Twue Love!!! ❤ Jenny, I remember when you two first started out. The love you have for each other has never dwindled. It's inspiring, and endearing to those of us who watched you two blossom to where you are now. :)Marriage isn’t always easy, but then again, we are the only one’s to lead our destiny. And for you two, your destiny is etched in stone! ❤


  2. You’re right. That is very special and extremely rare. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I wish Brandin cared like that, but it’s just not that way. I’m really glad you realize how great it is and you don’t take it for granted.


  3. I get teary-eyed every time I read this. ❤ I love it.Also I realize how heated my original comment was; I must’ve been mad at Brandin that day! O_o*Sorry if this ends up being a double post – I was having issues.


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