Straight talk about a nineteen-month-old’s eating habits.

When we first started solids, I made most of Pumpkin’s food from fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. I thought we set such a wonderful precedent for her future eating habits. My husband and I were so self-congratulatory…she loved peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash, amongst other things.

Oh, were we wrong. So, so wrong.

I’m not sure what we envisioned…our headstrong, independent toddler gobbling down roasted squash and steamed peas, requesting seconds and possibly even thirds?


At this point (and for the last four months, honestly), she has been subsisting on carbs and dairy. Frequently, her dinner will be a blueberry Eggo waffle or a piece of buttered raisin toast, a string cheese, and some apple juice. Maybe some YoBaby yogurt, and really the only thing that makes her want to eat that is the fact that there are babies on the container, which she loves.
She hasn’t nursed since 13 months. She used to be a fiend for whole milk, but now that we stopped giving it to her in bottles, she usually rejects it out of a sippy cup. Combined with her sprouting taller (she is a string bean, as tall as some three-year olds; the Captain is 6’2 and I’m 5’11) and cutting out the fat and calories from milk, she is really slim and wiry now. She weighs around 26 pounds, so she is a strong little girl. Her reluctance to eat is not resulting in her wasting away.

Fruit-wise, she doesn’t like bananas (what toddler doesn’t like bananas?!), and will usually eat grapes, prunes, and apples/applesauce.

Veggies are entirely out of the question. There was a point where I could get her to eat a mixed veggie blend with some marinara sauce on it, but she caught wise to that.

She doesn’t like meats, even chicken nuggets, which I thought was like the filet mignon of toddler meat choices.

We made the mistake of giving her her first soft fruity candy as a treat about a month ago and now she constantly is signing for “candy” (those of you that know ASL know exactly how irresistibly adorable this sign is). The Captain has also given her chips, cheeseballs, and Bugles (in small quantities, for certain…we’re not a junk food family and certainly don’t want our daughter to grow up eating them preferentially) recently, all of which she loves.

My mom told me at one point when she was really young that there may reach a point where we are lucky to get her to eat anything at all.

I guess mothers know best.

5 thoughts on “Straight talk about a nineteen-month-old’s eating habits.

  1. It’s totally normal! frustrating nonetheless. That’s the age they suddenly become picky, I have dealt with it with all of them to some degree and I think Annabella is the worst. She used to eat EVERYTHING. Now I have to hide veggies in things. Thankfully she does drink plenty of milk, otherwise I think she’s drop off the weight charts, she’s still not 20lbs. She eats well, as long as I find things she likes. A few tricks I’ve found that have been working lately is making a little 1 egg omlett, with cheese and put in very small bits of cooked veggies like broccoli (which otherwise she wont touch now). I keep pouches of Plum Baby Organics or Ella’s etc. around with their veggie and fruit mixes to add to a meal (on the side of course LOL) for her if I’m having trouble getting her to eat a veggie. Experiment and try hiding things LoL.On the upside, if you keep offering the good stuff, eventually it’ll get better. All of my boys eat really healthy without complaint. Raw veggies dipped in ranch is a favorite side or snack of theirs, especially broccoli and carrots. They love salad and fruit and veggies and lean meats… Just keep at it and it’ll get easier :).


  2. OMG. Blogger just ate my WHOLE POST. and it was huuuuuge. Summary:- she’s at that stage. it’s okay, she’ll grow out of it. keep offering and let the stuff show up on her plate. just don’t force her to eat.- Aaden was the same way. Started out with impeccable fruit and veggie loving. He hit about 18/19 months and boycotted everything but carbs. – it’s weird she doesn’t like bananas. :)- Aaden is now eating more diversely. He LOVES broccoli and asks for it often. He will do peas, beans, carrots, sweet potato, corn and green beans. He won’t touch any of the squash family. He will do mushrooms on pizza. Oh and he loves onions and black olives. Both with like no nutritional value ha!- Fruits are hit and miss, but he’s up to bananas, apples, mango, nectarines and raspberries. He still shuns grapes.- Chips won’t kill her as long as their not a main food group. Aaden’s favorites are tortilla chips and Cheetos. I can get him to eat anything if I offer Cheetos to go with lol- Now that he’s able to be reasoned with, we have a “taste” rule for meals. He has to take 1 bite and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to eat it. 9/10 he eats just fine. – Aaden was drinking out of reg cups at 19 months during meals. (Sippies for travel or playing.) Let her pick out some awesome cups and get her drinking milk again. – Do you give her vitamins?She’ll come around. Give it time.


  3. Yup, completely normal! At one point I swear Merrick could live off chicken nuggets and eggos. Totally not what I had envisioned for my kid that too I made all our baby food for. They both were great veggie/fruit eaters. I hide lots of foods in things, broccoli in mac & cheese, veggies in omelets or quesadilla’s. My daycare does a lot of quesadilla’s with whole wheat and other tortillas. She uses one of those quesadilla makers that seals the stuff in to create pizza pockets, peanut butter jelly pockets and other amazing things. I can’t believe what she gets the boys to eat that way! They also love to dip things like ranch, salsa, spinach dip (both boys love this!!), hummus and other random things. It’s totally a phase and kids tastes get more defined as they get older. We have the 1 bite rule in our house too. Although for Braysen it’s more like 3-4 bites because he can be a stinker. One thing that we give the boys is V8 fusion juice (maybe a little over 1/2 water & top with the juice). We don’t do other juices in our house but V8 and at least they are getting a daily dose of veggies/fruits from it. Just keep trying things. One day they may hate it, the next love it. Braysen seems to eat all the time but you’d never know it because he’s a total string bean.


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