Rooms for the girls.

Whew – been a while since I posted! Had a really busy wrap-up to the end of the semester, and each night where I may have had extra time to write in the blog, I was just too tired.

The Captain and I have been meaning to start on the nursery for Peanut for a while now, and make some new bedding for Pumpkin. Pumpkin’s nursery is painted a very lively orange color, so we have been pretty restricted in how we were going to update it to a big girl room. The original plan was to use some fabric with pink elephants on it to make her new linens. The fabric has tiny orange stars on it, and it would have worked, since there is also a lot of pink in the room from her original crib set.

Fitted sheet fabric on the left, comforter fabric on the right.

For the nursery for Peanut, my original theme idea was owls. I’ve always loved owls, and I’ve seen a lot of stylized owls used in kid’s decorating lately. We found a wonderful fabric to make the crib sheet from, with lovely shades of purple, lavender, yellow, and green.

Purple owls on cream fabric, for fitted sheets and pillowcases.

We started painting Peanut’s would-be room on Saturday morning, and almost immediately, we started musing about how much bigger that room was than Pumpkin’s room. It really isn’t logical to think that a two-year old would notice that her baby sister’s room was bigger and therefore feel slighted by it, but it started bothering me as we painted. The Captain wasn’t as phased by that implication, but did agree that it would be nice for Pumpkin to have the extra room to play in, since she has more “stuff”, and larger stuff, to boot.

Then everything started coming together.

Pumpkin really, really loves birds. And her name starts with an “O”. Why not flip-flop the room themes, and let the larger owl room become Pumpkin’s room?

Serendipitously, the pink elephant theme is also perfect for Peanut, since the name we are likely going to give her sounds very similar to “elephant”. Meant to be? I think so.

The only remaining problem was that I’ve always felt that Pumpkin’s orange nursery was too dark. It is lovely on a sunny afternoon with the drapes open, but the drapes usually need to be closed, since the front of our house (which her window faces) is blasted by afternoon sun, and the room becomes a sauna.

Pumpkin’s original “Big Orange Nursery”; soon to be Peanut’s new room.

So I began working on the Captain to convince him that we should re-paint the orange nursery to better match the pink elephant fabric, to make it completely new for Peanut. After a lot of pseudo-grumbling, he agreed. Glee!

One wall of the new baby’s room will be “Soothing Aloe”, a lovely, fresh green, and the other three walls will be “Cotton Candy”, a soft, powdery pink. The room will seem so much bigger with the lighter walls. We’ve been using Olympic Premium paint, which I can’t say enough good things about. When the advertising says “zero VOC’s“, it means zero VOC’s. There is virtually no odor to it, and I don’t feel even remotely skeevy about painting during my sixth month of pregnancy.

Peanut’s new room colors; Olympic Premium’s “Soothing Aloe” and “Cotton Candy”.

The painting for Pumpkin’s new room is completely finished, and we moved her futon, bed, and toy box in there, and she’s currently slumbering peacefully. The room is also right across the hall from ours, so she can see from the gate in her doorway into our room, which should be reassuring for her. We’re still waiting on the owl fabric by special order, and once we get it, the rest of the decorating can begin. We’re also making some buttery yellow blackout drapes for the huge window in her room.

First wall of Pumpkin’s new owl room; Olympic Premium “Golden Slumber”.
The Captain rolling out “Soft Iris” on the final three walls of Pumpkin’s new room.
Pumpkin mimicking daddy, “painting” the dry walls.


Yours truly, finalizing the cleanup before moving stuff in.


Both colors together, and almost a view of the new ceiling fan the Captain installed.

4 thoughts on “Rooms for the girls.

  1. Love, love, love! I was so elated to see a new post =) You’re on my morning blogroll, hehe. I love decorating and painting and re-arranging, even though it’s a massive amount of work. (I even thought about being an interior designer!) I think your idea to flip flop the room was genius. At first, I was put off by the big “owl craze” because it was just EVERYWHERE here. I don’t know what it is, but people are obsessed with them. Maybe it’s a college-kids thing. I don’t know, I didn’t get it. But now I’m starting to like it, especially the pattern you chose. It’s lovely. ❤ I can't wait to see both rooms finished! Also, my eyes went wide when you said 6th month! I can't believe it has been 6 months already!! =)


  2. Love the colors! But, lame as this is going to sound, I had to comment when I saw the vacuum! I have the same one, and don’t you just lu-huv it! I actually find myself vacuuming just to use it. Seriously, best vacuum ever. Which only goes to show what a total mom I am now when I rave about a vacuum.


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