A love letter to my beautiful girl.

Darling Pumpkin,

Some day, you won’t be able to fit in my lap, you won’t give me drooly kisses on the mouth, and you won’t absently rub the skin of my shoulders with your tiny little hands when I hold you while wearing a tank top. Right now, you belong to me and I belong to you, but someday, you will no longer belong to me. I will always belong to you, though.

I love that every reflective surface in this house bears your fingerprints or smudges from your button nose.

I love that whenever your daddy or I ask you how many of something there is, your answer is “two”, in your sweet little voice.

I love that you find it unacceptable that I kiss just one of your feet during diaper changes, and you offer them both up to me before I’m allowed to put you down.

I love how you say “flower”…”shaow“. Someday, you will say it correctly, and I will always hear the way you started saying it when you were eighteen months old.

I love that the shape of your eyes are slightly different from one another, and they are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

I love how bossy you are. No, my love…not everything IS yours, but if I had it in my power to make it so, I would give you everything.

I love when you sign for “more”, whether it is for more cookies, more music to dance to, more tosses into the air by daddy, or more hugs.

I love that you milk every scrap of sympathy out of a single “boo-boo”, pointing to scrapes on your knees even long after they’ve turned to a pale pink scar.

I love that when you’re around, any music becomes an instant dance party.

I love that you call your bellybutton your “butt”.

I love that you bring us together for family hugs on a daily basis.

I love the little Superman curl that comes down on your forehead.

I love that your toes are like miniature versions of your daddy’s.

I love that you are dramatic and brave while being sweet and tender.

I love you.

Pumpkin is 20 months and three weeks old.

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