Dear Babies

Dear Peanut,

Today, you are two weeks and five days old. As of Monday, you weigh ten pounds! You weren’t in the single digits for long, my love. You’re in the 95th percentile for height and weight, just like your big sister was. What lovely, big girls we have. I bought some six month sleepers for you this week, so you have something new and unique, and aren’t only garbed in your sister’s hand-me-downs. Sometimes you and she look so remarkably similar, I’m afraid that if you’re always dressed in her old clothes in photos, we won’t be able to tell who is whom when we look at albums years from now.

What color are your eyes going to be? Right now, they are still that newborny slate-grey. But I swear they are lighter than your sister’s were. Your daddy, sister, and I both have dark brown eyes, but there are some light colored eyes in your pedigree. Blue eyes in two of your great-granddaddies, and blue eyes in one granddaddy, hazely-green eyes in the other. This week as I talked to you while we cuddled, you watched me with those pretty eyes, and I could see your pupils dilating each time I’d start chatting with you after pausing. You were listening to me, little one!

I want to thank you for being such a stellar sleeper. You nurse at bedtime around 9:00, then you wake up around 12:30. You nurse like a champ, then we go back to bed, and you almost immediately fall back to sleep! You’re up again around 4:00 am, then after another feed, you sleep until 6:30 or 7:00. I’m not sure how long this will last, but mama sure likes it. We are cosleeping right now, something I was never brave enough to do with your sister. Your daddy and I were too afraid that we would roll over on her, or a pillow would fall on her head. We are so much more at ease with you, and the cosleeping is working out wonderfully. We also know more now about cosleeping being safe. We’re not planning on having a “family bed” for long, so we’re enjoying it while it lasts. We will probably transition you to the bassinet in the next month, and to your crib around three months.

You are sweet. You are beautiful. You are mine. I love you.

Dear Pumpkin,

Is it too young for you to like boys? Your daddy and I are very concerned at the interest you are showing in boys since you’ve been moved to the two year old room at daycare. For a week, you talked about a boy named Ethan (pronounced, E-thun…adorable), and we finally found out who he is. He is apparently a little boy with autism in the four-year-old room, that frequently comes to visit the two-year-old room. He has certainly made a big impression on you! You told both your daddy and I, “E-thun…kiss…me”, which greatly concerns your daddy. I think it is adorable. He just better be nice to you.

For the first ten days or so after bringing your little sister home, I couldn’t spend time with you without getting choked up and teary eyed. I missed you SO. VERY. MUCH. Your little sister demands a lot of my time, and it was very hard for me to be so close to you without getting to spend quality time with you. It made it even harder when you would wrap your arms around me and squeeze like a little barnacle, and say “Mine” into my neck. I am yours, and you are mine. And we each also belong to your sister now, too…and vice versa. How special is that? Someday I will tell you the story about when your sister was sitting on the floor with daddy, and you raised your shirt up and approached her, saying “mah nipple, mah nipple!” You wanted to feed her, and it was the most precious thing I’d ever seen.

“Me pumpin’!” I wish I had a better quality photo of this. You sweet, funny little girl.

I’m finding ways to be with you and your sister as well. Though I’m completely cheating at the whole “mother of two” thing. You’re going to daycare for now while I have the days alone with Peanut. You really, really love it there, and seem to thrive. We’ll have so much fun when you’re home with your sister and I, and someday maybe I won’t feel so guilty about sending you to daycare while I’m here with Peanut. Your sister deserves to have a few weeks to bond with mommy alone, just like you did.

You were chosen as a model for a neat locally-owned company called Tadpole and Lily! You are one of four girls that is going to be on their website, modeling hair accessories. There isn’t really any compensation for it, and I promise you that your daddy and I aren’t planning on becoming Toddlers and Tiaras kinds of parents. The photo shoot is going to be at the biggest agricultural fair in the state, and we think you will have a lot of fun being the center of attention for a while. Once you’re done being a superstar, we’ll spend the day at the fair. I can’t wait for you to see the cows and horses, and eat your first cotton candy. And hopefully there will be rides there that you can ride. Maybe we’ll get our faces painted!

You are almost two years old, and you are ca-raaaazy about oatmeal (“meet-meal“), quiet time at night with your TV shows (“mah ceebee!” Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa.), having your toenails painted, the Grover iPad book, and boys. You love to see your little sister first thing in the mornings, and you always comment on how “tiny” she is. I love you like mad.

Chowing down on some “meetmeal”.

Dear Self,

In the future, if you want to lose weight…get pregnant!

As of today, you’ve lost 31 pounds since August 27th. Granted, a lot of that weight was baby and support tissues and fluid, but childbirth is unparallelled in the dramatic weightloss department. As of today, you’ve lost all of the Peanut-pregnancy weight, and three pounds of the Pumpkin pregnancy weight from 2009. It is helping that Peanut is a beast of a nurser; if they awarded belts in breastfeeding (as in the martial arts) Peanut would have a blackbelt. The weight has kind of melted off, but I can tell that the rate is starting to slow down. I suppose I need to start getting active and stop getting nasty with Five Guys burgers and giant bags of fries, and with the six-inch high stack of Golden Oreos at night. I’ve also been guilty of eating several Klondikes in one sitting. I can only imagine how much more weight I’d have lost since Peanut was born had I not been eating like Jabba the Hutt for the last three weeks.

Also, self. You started thinking about Baby #3 before Peanut’s navel scab even fell off.

Stop that.

At least, for now.

Dear Captain,

You’re still my favorite.


One thought on “Dear Babies

  1. I love these. I saw the Google Chrome commercial the other day where the dad wrote an email to his daughter the day she was born, and throughout the rest of her years until present. I really, really love the idea of writing letters for them to read when they get older. It’s a certain state of bonding and intimacy that isn’t normally seen. I’m sure they will be so grateful to have them when they are older. ❤


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