A Day in the Life

Yesterday, I was a stay-at-home mom with two children, for the first time.

I’ve done the stay-home thing, on and off, with only Pumpkin or only Peanut, but the first time I’ve been home solo with both of them was yesterday. Surprisingly, it went really, really well. I expected Meltdown City, but it never got that difficult. I’m not naive enough to think that it will always be as easy as it was yesterday, but it was pretty empowering to have such a good first day.

I have both girls home with me today as well, but the Captain stayed home sick from work, so I’ve got some extra help (though I’m trying to operate as though he weren’t here, since he is technically convalescing.)

Today, all before 9:00 am, Pumpkin moved a stool over to our dresser to grab a handful of my earrings (as well as my diamond engagement ring, which was in the ceramic dish that my earrings are in…I haven’t been wearing it so I don’t gouge Peanut’s sweet skin), exclaiming “mah ears!”, very defiantly drew on the screen of my Nook e-reader with a dark blue Sharpie marker, and nearly dumped Peanut out of her bouncer because she wanted to sit in it. Yesterday was positively placid in comparison. I made it a point to log the entire day for posterity’s sake, so I remember years from now how my first day alone with my girls went (as thrilling and action-packed as it was.)

I’m sure the bouncer isn’t rated for thirty-pounders.

The Captain was up with Pumpkin around 5:30 am, and he got her breakfast. My day officially began around 6:30 when Peanut woke up for her morning feeding.

7:10 am – The Captain leaves for work, I take over Pumpkin. I get her changed into “hack-around” clothes, so I don’t have to worry about what she gets on them throughout the day. We watch PBS Kids in bed.

8:00 am – Load of laundry in the washer, Peanut down for a nap.

Getting her to sleep without me laying beside her with a breast in her mouth is an incredible feat.

8:30 am – Feed Peanut, eat a peanut breakfast bar and banana while she eats. Pumpkin is sitting on the bed with some ink pens and paper, though she has opted to draw on her hands, feet, and a waterproof changing pad instead of the paper.

Paper would have just been too boring.

8:50 am – Laundry load into the dryer, Peanut back down.

9:00 am – Quick shower while Peanut is in the bassinet and Pumpkin is zombified by The Cat in the Hat or Dinosaur Train or some other PBS show.

9:20 am – Get started on folding that first load of laundry. (Side note – it took me a full hour to get it all folded, hung, and put away, with all of the distractions.)

Laundry takes much longer to fold when there’s a toddler “helping”.

10:10 am – Feed Peanut. Pumpkin is still watching PBS Kids in bed. I’m a candidate for Mother of the Year.

10:40 am – Peanut down. Laundry load number two goes in.

11:40 am – We finally venture downstairs. Peanut is still placid and content to hang out in the bouncer while I make Pumpkin and I’s lunch. Four-cheese quesadillas and mandarin oranges.

12:20 pm – Feed Peanut. Pumpkin is now watching some show about Princesses on the Disney channel.

1:00 pm – Pumpkin goes down surprisingly easily for her nap. I do more laundry.

1:20 pm – Feed Peanut. I didn’t realize how often she ate until I made this log. I put on a marathon of America’s Next Top Model and let my brain melt. Peanut falls asleep on my chest, occasionally marinating me in spit-up.

She’s going to smile at me soon!

From this point until 4:10 pm, I watched ANTM and nursed Peanut on demand about once an hour in the Comfy Brown Recliner (I capitalize it because even though it is an inanimate object, it has become a close personal friend.) I only got up once; long enough to make a big mug of ah-ma-zing Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Pumpkin woke up from her nap at 4:10, and the Captain was home shortly after 5:00. When he got home, we had some family time in our room (right now it features me nursing Peanut in the glider, and he and Pumpkin romping on the bed…she loves to “hide” under all the pillows.) Dinner was some cheese ravioli and red sauce, and some of my mom’s awesome chicken spiedini that we’d frozen from when she was here last month. The rest of the night was pretty standard…Pumpkin’s bath around 7:00, quiet time from 7:30 to 8:00, then the Captain and I watched some DVR’ed shows. Last night, it was Up All Night and New Girl, both potentially great shows.

Who knew such a mundane day could be so tiring?

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. There will be long days and short days! Take some time to breathe from time to time. 🙂 I had both boys home with me after Merrick was born. I remember how good it felt to just get the laundry done or find something to eat that wasn’t out of a box or wrapper..oh wait, I still feel that way! JK! 🙂 Patrick left for 2 weeks on business when Merrick was only 6 weeks old!! Talk about a long 2 weeks! I love seeing your pics of the girls! They are adorable and I’m sure it will be such a joy watching them grow as sisters!!


  2. That day sounds familiar ;); don’t worry about that PBS kids-we’re currently weaning ourselves off day-long marathons (at 8 months); I do believe most of the credit for Stella’s ability to identify both letter names and sounds goes to Word World and Super Why.


  3. This looks a lot like my day! I thought I was the only one who couldn’t get their new baby to sleep NOT on a body. 😉 Haha.Eli is also watching A LOT of TV, either with me in the living room or on the floor on the iPad. The iPad is currently my primary babysitter when I need it. Some days are better than others as well. I also eat a peanut bar for breakfast. Haha. I love seeing all your pictures. 🙂 It seems like you have a great handle on everything and aren’t too stressed out…that’s awesome.


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