Crafting – Pumpkin’s Wench Costume

It has become clear that the Captain is the creative genius in this family, and my hope of ever becoming the sewing and knitting maven that I fancied myself as is becoming dimmer and dimmer. Something about the sewing machine intimidates me, and reading the patterns makes me all flustered when I see all of the measurements and such. And the knitting just makes me frustrated, though I’m planning on going to a Saturday workshop at a local yarn store. I’m not willing to let that hope go so easily.

Shopping for fabric.

The Captain’s most recent project is a costume for Pumpkin, to serve as both a Halloween costume and an outfit for the Carolina Renaissance Festival, which we attend every year. We have never actually dressed up ourselves, so it will be a new experience having Pumpkin all garbed out. Here is the progress from the construction of Pumpkin’s costume; tavern wench/village maiden/adorable small person in a renaissance dress. The first photos were taken on September 22.

He completed the skirt and shirt so quickly that I didn’t actually get any progress pictures of them being made. These photos are from today. All that still needs to be done is the application of the snaps in the back, which we’re waiting for in the mail. The skirt is made of the most wonderfully buttery soft corduroy.

Can’t wait to see it on our girl!

3 thoughts on “Crafting – Pumpkin’s Wench Costume

  1. This makes me very happy and oh-so jealous! I fancy myself that maven as well! I try to imagine B. in the roll of the Captain and I just can’t see it. B. isn’t so graceful and creative. Guess that’s up to me, haha. I love that you go to the festival every year. I have been searching for one around my area. The only one I’ve seen is near Indy.


  2. What Kasey said. I’m sooooo jealous!! I too wish to learn knitting. I don’t have sewing machine and don’t really want one. I know I’m not that talented. I can’t wait to see her in the costume though.


  3. Sewing can be intimidating to the new-comer, but it’s actually quite easy. If you can cut to an outline and pin things together, you can sew! I’d recommend everyone try their hand at it.


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