Peanut’s First Hike

Today Peanut went on her first hike with the family. We went to the same park where Pumpkin had her first hike; Andrew Jackson State Park. Pumpkin was around eight weeks old when we took her out into the woods for the first time. Peanut is right at six weeks old. It is warmer now, and we’re a little bit less xenophobic this time around. The fresh air is good for babies! We’ve also since learned a thing or two about babywearing, and ditched the uncomfortable ol’ crotch dangler carrier.

Pumpkin was really excited to get out into the woods, and I took a lot of photos of her, but didn’t pay attention to my camera settings. Most photos were on a shutter speed that was way too slow to capture an energetic, nature-loving little girl, so in the majority of photos the only thing that you can see is a toddler-shaped streak. I’m not sure why I didn’t catch it while we were out there!

Here are a few, anyway.

Snug as a bug. Baby carrier is a Babyhawk mei tai.

We knew there was a reason that we brought the Kelty along. Pumpkin got tired!

Pumpkin was not thrilled when we were on the way back to the car.

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