RECIPE – Veggie “Pizza” Appetizer

This recipe is a favorite of my family’s, but I make it a bit differently than many folks do. Part of the reason for my variation is the Captain’s intense hatred of all things mayonnaise. So, where the original recipe calls for mayo, I use sour cream. This recipe could most likely be easily done with low-fat alternatives.



1 “brick” of cream cheese, softened to room temperature
16 oz sour cream
1 package of dry instant vegetable soup mix
2 tubes of crescent rolls
Two bags of pre-washed, pre-cut broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. (You can buy fresh, but this is faster!)
1 package (2 cups) of finely shredded cheese, your choice. I usually use mild cheddar or the unseasoned four-cheese “Mexican” blend.

1.) Unroll the crescent rolls and flatten them in the bottom of a standard baking sheet with sides. Bake according to the package. Set aside to cool.

2.) Blend the cream cheese, sour cream, and soup mix. As a side note, this makes a wonderful veggie dip. Try to resist poaching from it as you cut your veggies!

3.) Chop your veggies. Some people like the pieces big and roughly chopped, but I like them small, so they are bite-sized. So, I use a few quick pulses of a food processor to cut everything up.

4.) Once your crescent roll dough has cooled, spread your cream cheese mixture on it. Top with the finely chopped veggies, then sprinkle with cheese. You’re done! Cut with a pizza cutter, or cut out with cookie cutters for interesting shapes for children.

This is a cold appetizer…don’t let the “pizza” name fool you!

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