Giving thanks, 2011.

  1. New friends.
  2. The opportunity to stay home with my girls for a whole semester.
  3. Being 33 years old and still getting “health check” calls from my parents when they hear I’m under the weather.
  4. Good wine.
  5. Having a hubby that brings me coffee in bed every. single. morning.
  6. Creative people, and the opportunity to be inspired by them.
  7. Old friends.
  8. Big, healthy babies.
  9. Rare moments of quiet and solitude.
  10. My little photography business.
  11. My brother and sister in law – awesome people, and US military veterans.
  12. My funny husband. Sometimes he is dry, sometimes goofy, but he makes me laugh every single day, and that is special.
  13. The support of my family to pursue something that I love.
  14. A warm, clean and (mostly) tidy house.
  15. Spontaneous “I love yous” from our two year old.
  16. All of the women that I knew from my hometown and high school that have become good, trusted friends after getting in touch through Facebook.
  17. Morning rainstorms on days when I don’t need to leave the house.
  18. Hoodie, sweats. Couch, fireplace. Husband, baby. Ice cream, Modern Family. Friday, perfect.
  19. Sleeping in for the first time in three months.
  20. FaceTime with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, mom, dad, and my dear grandpa!
  21. New Castle episodes.
  22. Couch to 5k.
  23. My camera.
  24. Happy Thanksgiving.
  25. Really, really, really good Mexican food.
  26. The all-out giggles and belly laughs of my toddler as her daddy “gets” her.
  27. A kitchen full of groceries.
  28. Stomping and squealing and giggling (heard over the daddy-growls) coming from upstairs as my husband gets Olivia ready for bed.
  29. Quiet evenings in a warm house with an even warmer baby asleep on my lap.
  30. Folks on my social media profiles; people I’ve been privileged to have in my life. You are family, friends, and if you are reading this, I genuinely value you and appreciate you. Thank you for your encouragement, your support, the laughs, the glimpses into your lives, and your tolerance of me using my social media as an online museum of stuff about my little girls. I’m so happy that I can keep in touch with so many people I care about, and so easily.

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