Crafting – Handprint Christmas Tree

Most people that know me would say that I’m a pretty creative person, but if it doesn’t involve a camera, I’m really not. I’m just good at pretending. My artistic ability ends once I don’t have a camera in front of my face any more. This craft was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and thought…even I can do that! And let’s be honest; it is doable because it really doesn’t involve much of me at all. It is officially the first keepsake craft that Pumpkin has done! It is a Christmas tree made of her tiny handprint, with “ornaments” painted on with sparkly paint by yours truly. I thought about letting her paint on the ornaments as well, but the control freak/perfectionist aspect of my personality just couldn’t deal with the stress of ohmygoshpleasedon’tgetpaintwhereitshouldn’tbe. I’m dealing with that. We are just now entering the “me do!” phase of toddlerhood, so I’m sure my day will come where I have to choose between a trip to meltdown city or a craft that is done in a messy manner. For this project, I simply did the ornaments later, when Pumpkin wasn’t around.

 What you need:

– Canvas – I got the cheap two-pack from Michaels, size 16×20. I don’t remember the brand!
– Paper plates or some other flat thing that you can apply the paint to and your child’s hand will fit in it, in it’s entirety.
– At least one shade of green acrylic paint. I got a dark and a lighter green, for contrast.
– Colorful acrylic paint for “ornaments”. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Glitter Acrylic Craft Paint in Garnet.
– Ribbon, for hanging the masterpiece. I simply stapled it to the top corners of the wood framing the canvas.


– Don’t use too much paint. You want the fine little details of your little one’s skin to come through. If their hand is too saturated, you’ll just have green hand-ish shaped blobs on your canvas.
– If you’re doing two-toned, do the dark green first. Wait until it is dry before you apply the lighter green, otherwise you risk smearing and all kinds of messes.
– If you have multiple kids, you could have the larger child do the dark green handprints and the smaller child do the lighter highlights.
– Photograph the making of the piece, print out the photo, and glue it to the back of the canvas, so you’ll have record of how your little one looked when their handprints were still oh-so tiny.

I love the result. I’m sure I’ll be hanging this up for decades.

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