Crafting – DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath

My friend Vanessa and I have tossed around the idea of doing a craft night when our husbands are doing some of their miniature gaming. I decided that a Christmas craft would be the perfect way to dive right in! My inspiration for this wreath came from Sister Sally’s. She did a fall wreath in browns and golds, and I wanted mine to be more festive for the Christmas season. The neat thing about this kind of wreath is that you could do one for any season or any occasion. Turquoise and silver bulbs for summertime, or variations of green for the Spring. When I was shopping for bulbs, I even saw a lot of black bulbs…I can imagine a bulb wreath in black and orange for Halloween. You could also make a wreath in bulbs from a favorite sports team’s colors, or perhaps a college alma mater. The possibilities are endless these days, since they make glass bulbs in quite literally every color of the rainbow!

The key is finding bulbs of different colors that are complementary of one another, and of different sizes. I had a very hard time finding the tiny bulbs, and finally found them at a Dollar Store for $1 for 15. I got seven packages of them, in red, gold, and silver. Each had shiny and matte bulbs in the package, so it was a good variety.

Try to find bulbs that are different textures as well as different colors. You will be able to tell on my wreath that I have some that are shiny, some that are matte, and some that are glittery. I even had some old bulbs from my husband and I’s first Christmas tree that I no longer use that were the right color scheme, and had glitter swirls on a matte background. This gave the wreath some sentimental value as well as the pretty factor.

This wreath is a wonderful way to recycle old bulbs that you no longer use on your tree, but may have some kind of sentimental value. Because you are loading the wreath up with many bulbs, even old bulbs with blemishes would be nice in it, as they can be hidden by other bulbs.

You need:– styrofoam wreath form (mine is 12 inches)
– a glue gun with glue sticks
– muslin or some other fabric in a color that complements your bulbs (it won’t really be seen if you’ve done the wreath right, so it really doesn’t matter what color it is)
– Christmas bulbs of your choice with the little metal hanger pieces removed (Sister Sally’s blog used 3 dozen tiny ornaments, 2-3 doz. combined medium and large ornaments, and about 18-24 small ornaments in her 18 inch wreath. I didn’t count mine…if you’re dying to know, you can scrutinize the completed photo and figure it out. You need a lot. A lot more of the little ones than the big ones.)
– at least four yards of decorative ribbon and someone who knows how to make a bow. I had to have the Captain watch a YouTube video and do mine.
– one pipe cleaner to make a hanger to hang the wreath. Alternatively, you could get a wreath stand.

How To:

1.) Cut your fabric into two-ish inch strips. I did this VERY haphazardly…it doesn’t matter if they are cut evenly or of a particular diameter. All you are doing with this fabric is wrapping your styrofoam wreath form.

2.) Wrap each strip around the wreath form and glue down each end.

3.) Lay the wreath form flat on the table. With lots of HOT glue, glue large and medium bulbs around the inside of the wreath form, making sure the hole where the hanger was is facing the back. Then, glue bulbs around the outside in the same fashion.

4.) From here on out, you are simply placing large and medium bulbs around the form in a way that is visually pleasing to you. I made sure to have no two large or medium bulbs of the same type or color next to each other. If I was going to put two red side-by-side, I made sure they were a matte red and a glittery red. You get the idea!

5.) Fill in any spots where you can see the wreath form or the bulb holes with the tiny bulbs.

6.) Tie your ribbon however you like (I’d recommend a good YouTube tutorial, but I wasn’t really a fan of any of them…this was the most exasperating step of the whole process!) and attach it to the wreath. If you have a spot where a bulb isn’t quite as pretty as it’s neighbors, or a blob of glue, put the ribbon there.

You’re done! I hope you love it.

One thought on “Crafting – DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath

  1. It’s so lovely!! I will definitely have to try this some time. Ohh, bows. Luckily I worked at a floral shoppe for a while and I still remember how to make them. They definitely are frustrating!


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