We sent both girls to daycare at Burbee today (Peanut’s first day) so we could have a day alone together. We were planning on sending her tomorrow and Friday too. Peanut is very used to being held and cuddled, since I’ve been home with her since day one (and, well – she’s an infant), and we knew there was a chance she could get left to cry at daycare amidst the hubbub.

Despite positive reports from the staff, her eyes were red and puffy when we picked the girls up and when she saw us this evening, she took a few deep, shuddering breaths – you know the kind, catching your breath after crying a lot and finally calming down. We feel horrible. We need this time together, though, and daycare isn’t going to be optional once I start back to work in January.

Pumpkin loves “school”, but she is a very independent and sassy little girl. Little Pea is much more tender.

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