Crafting – Burlap Wreath

This burlap wreath is simple and elegant, and it can be embellished with different things throughout the year to fit a season or a holiday. We chose to add a glass snowflake for the winter right now, and I will likely switch out the “dangler” for a wooden heart for Valentine’s day. The possibilities are endless! If you don’t want to have to bother with switching out seasonal items, hang the first initial of your last name, or simply leave the wreath without anything added to it.

You need:
– one 14-inch straw wreath – don’t remove the plastic wrap!
– one yard of burlap
– approximately 10 inches of twine or other string to hang the wreath
– LOTS of hot glue and a hot glue gun
– scissors
– a Phillips-head screwdriver or similarly shaped tool (one that you don’t mind getting hot glue on)

How to:

1.) Cut the burlap into four-inch by four-inch squares.

2.) To begin making the florets for the wreath, fold one square of burlap in half, then in half again, making a smaller square. In the pictures below, notice that I’m holding the closed end of the square. This closed, folded end is the end that you will be attaching to the wreath form.

3.) Use the screwdriver (or other pointy implement) to make a hole in the wreath form. I wiggled the screwdriver back and forth to make the hole a bit wider than it would be without the extra wiggle.

4.) Fill the hole with hot glue, and use the screwdriver to stuff the folded corner of the burlap square down into the hole.

5.) Continue applying the burlap squares around the visible surface of the wreath form. I didn’t fully cover every visible surface (I left a little around the very top exposed); if you want to cover every visible surface, you may want to get a bit more burlap.

6.) When finished applying the burlap florets, “fluff” them to hide any of the wreath form that you still may be able to see. Embellish with whatever hanging item you like. I’d love to see what you choose! Please share in a comment. Enjoy!

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