Random January things.

Morning movie is the animated version of The Hobbit…when Gandalf made his appearance, Pumpkin pointed and said, “That’s Santa Claus!”
Pumpkin’s enjoying playing in her “secret place” – a giant Ikea toybox, drawer pulled out, blanket thrown over the top. I heard her under there, reading to her toy dog, “Once a time, seekit place…
I sure hope she got enough sodium for lunch today. Pickles and turkey-dogs…should have her covered.
In Peanut news, any other bedsharing parents have issues with extreme muscle stiffness/soreness in the mornings? I wonder if I’m doing it wrong. She sleeps with some part of herself in contact with me all night long, so I’m aware of her on at least some level at all times, and I can’t toss and turn like I prefer to do to stay comfortable. Yesterday morning I woke up with a stiff shoulder, and at this point, I can barely turn my head to the right.
And someone please tell me it is normal for infant fingers to bleed a lot if their nail bed is nicked. I cut Syd’s thumbnail down to the quick on accident (obviously), and it hasn’t stopped bleeding for about 30 minutes. Just a tiny nick, but I’m concerned.

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