The way I play.

I was chasing Pumpkin around tonight, being “monster”, and smalldog Cody was also getting in on the fun. Cody came around beside me as I was trying to run through the self-closing baby gate, and subsequently tripped me, which made me lean hard on the gate, which made her head get stuck as the gate came closed.

She backed out before being decapitated, as my entire body fell forward, pushing the gate completely out of the doorway. I rode it down to the floor in slow-motion, and landed on my face, wrists, and belly.

Captain had the courtesy to hold his laughter until he knew I was ok. Wrists and thumbs hurt, going to be sore in the morning. Pumpkin recapped to me all night, “you knock down the gate, mommy“. I’m pretty sure the dog has also been permanently traumatized.

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