Crafting – Homemade Valentines using melted crayons.

I’ve seen the recycled crayons idea on Pinterest from several other blogs, and I knew I had to do it for Pumpkin, as much as she loves to color.

Several years ago, I bought some silicone ice cube trays in the shape of hearts and stars, and I knew they would be perfect for making some favors for homemade Valentines for her daycare friends. I’ve only used the trays a handful of times to make ice cubes, so I was glad to find a new purpose! I tend to impulse buy little trinkets and things, and I hate it when things go to waste.

Making the new crayons is simple; just take old crayons with their wrappers removed, break them into small pieces, and place them into the molds. I think any mold that you could place into the oven would work; muffin tins, whatever.

Place the molds on a cookie sheet (I put a piece of parchment paper down in case of messes). Fifteen minutes in a 250 degree oven, add more crayon pieces if the melted wax doesn’t fill up the form, then put back into the oven for fifteen more minutes. (The crayon pieces that I made were pretty big, so I couldn’t fill the molds up very far. When they melted, the molds were only about half-full of melted wax, so I had to add more crayons and put them back into the oven. After the second round, they were ready to go!)

Once the new crayons were done, I made a little graphic in Photoshop with some fun fonts. You can download the .pdf for free here, if you’d like to use it for yourself! I glued a Smarties candy, a crayon star, and a crayon heart to the graphic after doing a few other embellishments with some construction paper hearts (I’m terrible at freehand drawing, so I used this printout as a pattern for cutting out my hearts.)

I hope the kiddos love them! At the very least, my little girl enjoyed breaking crayons with me!

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