Get Healthy: Track Your Water Intake

The Captain and I decided to finally pursue the path to wellness this past weekend. He really doesn’t have to lose any weight, he is just participating with me for moral support. And I don’t think of what I’m doing as dieting; I’m making a lifestyle change. I’m not doing this to have a bikini body, I’m not doing it so I look more attractive to other people (though I do have a pair of jeans that I love, and would be tickled to get to wear them again…) I’m doing this for my family; for my daughters, and my husband, and myself. I want to be healthier in my thirties than I ever was in my twenties. I want to be even healthier in my forties and beyond. I want to have the energy to keep up with two toddlers, and I want to have less back and knee pain for my next pregnancy, if we decide to have another child. I just want to be healthier.

I’m planning on blogging my way through my progress, though my time to do so is so sporadic, weeks will likely go by between the times that I’m able to update. I suppose that way, it will look like I’ve made a lot of progress! I’m planning on sharing tips and recipes throughout the process as well.

My first tip is related to water consumption; something that I don’t do nearly enough of. Even through two pregnancies with third trimesters in the doldrums of Southern summers, I didn’t drink enough water. Part of the problem, I think, is that I don’t really have a concept of how much water I actually need to drink. Recently, I read that you should divide your current weight in half, and that number is the number of ounces of water you should be drinking per day. The old rule is eight ounces of water, eight times a day, which adds up to 64 ounces a day. Going by the weight rule, the amount of water I should be drinking is…shall we say…a bit more than that!

In order to track how much water I’m drinking, I’m drinking out of ball jars that hold 24 ounces of water. I was inspired by the idea when a friend was drinking water out of an old applesauce jar at the Superbowl party we were at several weekends ago, so she would know just how much she was drinking. Thanks, Marilyn!


2 thoughts on “Get Healthy: Track Your Water Intake

  1. I got pretty teary-eyed at the beginning of this post where you spoke about wanting to be healthy for your family. There are a lot of health problems in my family; my aunt and best friend died suddenly February 5, 2010 from cardiac arrest. She apparently had heart disease that went undiagnosed. She was only 38. (I don’t know if you knew anything about it, but we were extremely close. I still struggle with it on a daily basis. The night she died, she had dropped off her daughter at the movie theatres. I was treating her to a movie and dinner. She smiled and waved goodbye. That was the last time I saw her.)Needless to say after all of that (and my own personal health issues – gallbladder attack two weeks later, heart flutters), health is something that is very important to me. I will be honest though. I love food and I love leisure time. I lack the will power to go it alone, and that’s why I have gotten no where. I keep making excuses for myself. The night my aunt died, I laid in bed next to Brandin sobbing. I was going back and forth about having children. I was on both extreme ends of the spectrum, one minute after another (ask him, I’m sure he remembers). On one hand, I wanted to have children RIGHT NOW because I didn’t want to be an older parent; I didn’t want to die when my kids were 10 and 12 (the ages of my cousins). The next blink of an eye, I was saying I never wanted to have children because I didn’t want to doom them to a life of hardship and pain because death is inevitable. I still struggle with this, to be honest.As you can see, my emotions are running the gamut even now. I’m sorry to bog you down with all of this. I just want you to know just how much all of this means to me. Your desire for a healthy lifestyle is lighting the fire under my seat for my own healthy lifestyle. It’s time to make changes and the hardest one I encounter is my husband. He eats SO poorly. That in itself strikes a multitude of other fears that I don’t really want to get into, but I’m sure you can imagine.Rambling aside, I love the idea of mason jars. It’s brilliant and I adore drinking out of them for some reason. =)Sending good vibes of encouragement your way!!


  2. 12 oz jars work great for “on the go”. One of the best things I did purchase was the Tarvis travel cup from Bed Bath and Beyond. I got the 24 oz one and paid a bit more for a super cute polka dot Texans cup, but worth it. It fits great in the car cup holder and keeps stuff pretty cool. The real test will be Houston summer. You are an inspiration to me when I really needed it because my inspiration was lacking. I have been down since I lost my newly adopted puppy to distemper (they didn’t catch it in the shelter) and have yet to get back on track. I gained back nearly 3/4 of the weight I lost. I have tried a few times to get back on track and haven’t managed it yet. I love seeing all your information. Hopefully watching you do great will egg me on. BTW, Lose it is GREAT!!! I’m glad you found it also!


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