Get Healthy: Goat Cheese and Jalapeno Omelet

This was our Valentine’s dinner, and whoa mama, was it good. I was really hungry last night, so I came up with this omelet, using things that we had on hand. The richness of this omelet really hit the spot. It was also really spicy, which I love! One serving is half an omelet, and has about 260 calories.

5 eggs (I know, its a lot…but you’re sharing with someone, right? So you’re technically only eating 2.5. Make it even healthier by using most egg whites)
a few tablespoons of diced jalapenos
2 oz. goat cheese, crumbled (eyeball it; 2 oz. is about two inches of a standard “roll” of goat cheese…you could also use feta if you like)

Beat the eggs and pour into a large hot skillet. Allow the eggs to cook for three or four minutes, before adding the jalapenos and goat cheese.

Let it cook “open faced” for another five minutes or so…the key is to allow it to be solid enough that it won’t fall apart when you try to fold it over.

Fold it over and cook until the eggs are golden brown on the outside of the omelet.

I served mine with a generous drizzle of sriracha chili sauce, a tablespoon of medium salsa, and a heaping teaspoon of lowfat sour cream. I also sprinkled a teeeeeny bit of cotija cheese over the top, just to make it pretty.

It was spicy, rich, eggy heaven.

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