RECIPE: Buffalo Chicken Dip in the Crock Pot

Remember a few entries ago when I posted about the Nutter Butter Truffles, I said that was the last indulgent recipe for a while? I lied.

I had completely forgotten about this Buffalo Chicken Dip that I had made for the Superbowl party that we went to. It was out of this world delicious. If you like hot wings, and like dips for parties, look no further.

There are recipes all over the web for Buffalo Chicken Dip, and I’m not sure where the idea originated, so I don’t know who to credit for the inspiration. I’ve also modified it to fit my own tastes. Many of the recipes call for you to use canned chicken, but, to me, the thought of that is nauseating! I used fresh chicken, boiled the night before and kept in the fridge until I was ready to put everything into the crock pot.

two packages of fresh chicken tenderloins (there were probably about 15 or so)
12 oz. bottle of Frank’s red hot (my personal preference…you can use whatever your fave is)
1/2 c. ranch dressing (we like Ken’s)
1/4 c. blue cheese dressing (we like Kens; if you don’t like blue cheese, use 3/4 c. ranch)
2 8 oz. blocks of cream cheese

Boil the chicken until fully cooked. Drain, let cool, and shred.

Put the chicken in the crock pot with the dressings and the hot sauce. Put the crock pot on low until everything is good and steamy and melded.

An hour or so before serving, put the cream cheese in. I always slice it into small squares to facilitate better melting.


Once the cream cheese is melted, if your crock pot has a “keep warm” setting, set it to that. Dairy products tend to break down into curdy weirdness when exposed to high heat for long periods of time!

We served the dip with a variety of things, but by FAR the most delicious was celery. We also used Ritz crackers, Fritos scoops, tortilla chips, and various other fresh veggies.

Side note: if I were to make this just for myself, I’d have added some extra hot sauce for more kick! You may want to have a bottle of hot sauce near the crock pot so folks can add their own. Blue cheese crumbles are another possible addition, for folks that really like it, and freshly sliced scallions/green onions would be a pretty and tasty addition as well.



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