High Fertility and Miscarriage

Sharing this link here so I don’t lose it, as this is an important topic to me:

Link is HERE.

From the article:

“Brosens, Macklon and their colleagues looked at samples from the uteruses of six women who suffered recurrent miscarriages, and six who had normal fertility. In the lab, the researchers placed high- and low-quality embryos on channels in between strips of uterus cells of the two groups of women. Cells from the women with normal fertility rejected the low-quality embryos and began to grow toward the high-quality ones. Cells from the women with recurrent miscarriages reached out and grew toward both the high- and low-quality embryos.”

“Many sufferers of recurrent miscarriage feel that they failing as mothers, because they seem to reject lots of pregnancies. In fact, the opposite may be the case: They are super-fertile, allowing embryos which would normally be allowed to implant and survive long enough to show up as a pregnancy, before miscarrying,” said Macklon.”

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