Tonight, this happened.

The Captain is out for gaming on Thursday nights, and I’m with the girls throughout dinner, bathtime, and bedtime (someday I’ll write a post about how much I admire single parents who do this routine alone every single night.) A few weeks ago on my solo Thursday night, Peanut fell asleep in her bed by herself for the first time in her 18 months of life. She usually needs to be rocked to sleep by one of us, and there is usually a bottle of warm milk involved. I couldn’t believe it when I went back in to check on both girls to see why it suddenly got quiet in their room.

Tonight, I let Pumpkin watch an episode of Scooby Doo in her bed, while I had Peanut in our bedroom for our nightly rock and bottle. Lately she’s been drinking roughly half of her bottle, then getting up from my lap, and declaring “I bed.” She then goes across the hall, stays in her bed for approximately seven seconds, then toddles across the room to climb into Pumpkin’s bed. This would be well and good if she would just lay there and go to sleep, but it is bad for several reasons. One, Pumpkin is a pretty stellar sleeper. She knows when she’s tired, and usually goes to bed like a dream. But Peanut likes to harass her as soon as she gets into bed with her. So it disrupts the whole nightly routine, for everyone…except our little mayhem-inducer, Peanut.

Tonight Peanut asked for bed, and it was obvious that she was having a hard time getting comfortable in my lap. It was warm upstairs and she was in her long-sleeved pajamas, and at 27 weeks pregnant, my lap is getting increasingly more and more crowded as my belly grows. So I let her scurry across the hall and get into her bed. I left her there with Pumpkin still watching Scooby Doo on very low volume, and I expected to be going back in minutes later to do damage control.

Ten minutes passed, and I didn’t hear anything from their room. I piddled around on my blog and Facebook for a bit, just to decompress. Another five minutes or so passed, and I decided to go check on them.

Scooby Doo had gone off on its own, and the room was glowing a bit from the Netflix menu screen. I immediately could see that Peanut wasn’t in the toddler bed, and I could hear two different cadences of steady, sleepy, snoring breathing. Peanut had climbed into Pumpkin’s bed, and they were both asleep. I absolutely could not believe it. I had to take a photo to document it. It is the second time Peanut has fallen asleep on her own, and the first time she fell asleep in bed with Pumpkin.

Also got to flex some of my Nikon D7000’s low-light muscle. This was taken in a mostly darkened room, at ISO 6400. Remarkably low noise on this for such a ridiculously high ISO!

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