Making Moon Dough

Moon dough. All over Pinterest. Seriously hundreds of pins about it. I assumed that it was going to be moldable and similar in texture to Play-Doh, based on some of the photos I’d seen, but it was more like a crumbly, silky powder. It was lots of fun, but not nearly as moldable as I’d have liked. The girls didn’t seem to mind, though!

The recipe is supposed to be 4 cups of flour to 1/2 cup of baby oil. We ended up using all of a 14 ounce container of baby oil between eight cups of flour. The stuff still wouldn’t stick together as much as I’d expected, but the girls loved it anyway.

I really, really, really recommend doing this outside if you can. However, a warning; my dogs were wild about this (my 20 month old sampled it as well…what 20 month old wouldn’t?), and they will eat any morsels that drop to the ground. My youngest dog Cody was even licking the pavement. Maybe it was because I bought the cocoa butter and shea baby oil? It can’t be good for them. So try to minimize what becomes available to them. I accomplished this by sweeping it off of the porch and grinding it into the grass and soil as much as I could.

Cute photos resulted!

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