Fort Mill Strawberry Festival

Whoa, is it really Spring? Where did the sunshine go? The forecast for today called for 65 and partly cloudy; totally doable for this family. But when we ventured out to the Fort Mill Strawberry Festival on Saturday, it was a brisk 51 degrees and windy. Our girls weren’t dressed appropriately at all…they really should have had on heavy jackets and fleecy hats. But we soldiered through, rode some rides, got some wee faces painted, and had just a teeeeny bit of fun (we rode our first family ride together!) before we went home and took hot bubblebaths to wash away the chill.

It would have been lovely on a warmer, sunnier day, though I wasn’t a fan of having to navigate through a maze of vendor tables and tents before getting to the good stuff. Put the rides and arts and crafts booths in front, people. Nobody is going to buy insurance, chiropractic care, or gutter protection at an outdoor spring festival!

Courtesy of The Captain and his stretchy iPhone arm.

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