Mother’s Day Saturday

The Captain and I don’t do much in the way of material things for holidays (including birthdays)…we stopped doing cards and flowers and trinkets before the kids were even born. What we do like to do is do “birthday weekends” or Mother’s and Father’s Day weekends. The entire weekend belongs to the person of honor.

I don’t think I changed a single diaper this whole weekend.

Yesterday, I got to sleep in and was awakened by The Captain bringing me coffee in bed, worked in the yard with my girls, went to a wonderful lunch at On The Border, made a trip to the local camera store in Charlotte to test out a few of my most coveted lenses (one of which I ended up renting for the rest of the weekend to give it a test drive), watched Brave on the couch with my girls, and in general, was pampered quite thoroughly.

The day ended with a big bowl of chips and salsa along with a Caramel Turtle brownie with vanilla ice cream while The Captain and caught up on some of our favorite TV shows. Baby Boy thoroughly enjoyed the last part of the day with me.

No frills, but so, so nice.

Here are some photos from Mother’s Day Saturday…I’m writing this on Mother’s Day itself and of course I have tons of photos from today (using my rental 85mm f/1.8G lens!), but I’m simply too wiped out to post them…I’ll probably get around to it later in the week.

Every Mother ‘s Day with my own mama growing up, from the time I was in grade school till my 20’s, we’d plant flowers. I’m so glad my big girl is old enough to participate in the tradition. Peanut helped a bit, but her contribution mostly entailed taking soil out of the containers I was trying to plant. These were all taken by The Captain. Love that man.

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