“Less Than Perfect” Photos

Jill Smokler otherwise known as Scary Mommy made a post on Huffpost Parents today about the “less than perfect” moments we capture on camera. As a photographer, I take quite literally hundreds (probably closer to a thousand{ish}) photos of my daughters each month, and only a fraction of them are what I would call “perfect”. You can take one glimpse at my personal blog here and my professional blog to see that my girls are positively adorable and lovely, but whoa mama, are there a fair share of doozies that get recorded on a memory card.

A friend of mine wished me Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday and said I was the coolest mom that he knew. I told him (jokingly, of course) that I was just really proficient at making things look good on the Internet. My secret is about to be revealed…my children aren’t ALWAYS perfect pixies.

All of these are from just within the last three months, except for the first one, which is from last summer; the one that will likely go down in history as the most awful photo of Pumpkin that was and will ever be taken. It will be the headliner on the slideshow at her wedding reception.

I’ve included a few heinous photos of myself with them as well, so as to not come across as using my daughters entirely as a source of mockery and amusement. I’m hoping that the day they are old enough to understand what all of this internet business is, they will have senses of humor similar to mine and will find the humor in knowing these were shared.

Oh my goodness.

I don’t even know what was going on here.

Oh Peanut…you’re breaking my heart.

Adorable sister photos in the peach trees? Yes please! WRONG.

It really isn’t going to happen, mom. Just give it up.

The only child cooperating in this photo is the little boy in my uterus. I bet he’s in there giving me the finger or crossing his eyes.


Pure hilarity.

Lud, I look tired.

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