The Morning Rodeo

There was a time when I thought that organic chemistry was the most challenging thing I’d ever tackled. I was wrong.

Wrangling three children that are four and under out the door to get to daycare in the mornings makes organic chem seem like learning the ABCs.

Generally what will happen is I’ll have all three of them ready to go, and then something will happen. Peanut will have taken her shoes off (or worse, her pants and diaper) by the time I have Panda strapped into the carseat. Or Panda will fill his diaper as soon as I strap him in, so I have to get him out and change him, and at that point, Pumpkin has taken her coat off because she’s too hot. Then the cycle starts all over again. Heaven forbid if I have to nurse Panda once the girls are all ready, because once I’m locked down in that glider, SOMEONE will remove clothing or pee their pants, or both.

It doesn’t help that Peanut is going through this really defiant phase right now, and Pumpkin won’t do ANYTHING for herself. We can ask her to put her shoes and socks on, and twenty minutes later, she’s still shoeless and in a corner somewhere playing with a drill bit, bottle cap, and stale Goldfish cracker that she found somewhere in the house.


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