Kingmakers Board Game Parlour

It is my goal to start regularly blogging again, and I realized a few things that served as roadblocks for me to do so regularly. One, is that I’m focused on having high-quality photos in my blog posts, taken with my DSLR and edited to my particular standards. The second is that I don’t often feel like I have anything interesting to share.

I’ve since realized that I can take some pretty nice photos with my iPhone, and photo editing capabilities on the phone have been greatly expanded. And there’s the idea that the best camera is the one you have with you. The other thing I realized is that I will frequently post images to Facebook from an outing or something that the kids are doing, and they are almost like little photo essays; they are blog posts waiting to happen.

Combine both of these points with the fact that I can post to my blog with a fantastic app on my phone, what excuse do I have to not be blogging more?

So, this Sunday, The Captain and I had a date day for my birthday, and it was wonderful. We started at The Crest gastropub at 2855 Indianola Avenue.


We got two things from the Appetizers menu; Honey Glazed Cheese Balls, which were balls of local goat cheese, flash-fried and rolled in almonds, topped with local honey and placed on little rounds of toasted bread. I don’t remember the name of the second appetizer, but it was just as decadent. Thick-cut, wonderfully yeasty, toasted bread, spread with local goat cheese, then topped with fresh figs, a sprinkling of micro-greens, and a liberal drizzle of Ohio honey. Probably one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.



Thank you, goats. Your cheese is the bee’s knees.

The Captain got a falafel sandwich, and I got a grilled cheese with some other fancy variety of cheese, more figs, prosciutto, and pears. Truffle fries, too; house-cut French fries tossed in truffle oil and topped with rosemary, parmesan, and garlic.

At this point, I was food-blissing too hard to remember to take photos. Food like this seriously make me wonder why people don’t pray after meals.

The rest of our afternoon was spent at Kingmakers Board Game Parlour, at 17 Buttles Avenue. This place is a game-nerd’s paradise.


The gist is this; you walk in (down some stairs, giving you the distinct feeling that you’re descending down into some secret club, or at the very least, your cool friend’s nicely-appointed basement.) You see tables as you come down. You see a bar, with local craft beers and locally made mead on tap.




A boardgame sommelier seats you at a table, and for $5 per person, you may play as many games in their library as you have time for. We don’t generally have time for more than one, since we’re in a rush to get home in time to let the babysitter off the clock.




This time, we played Stone Age, an easy-to-learn worker placement game. At least, after playing Caverna at Gen Con this year, it seemed easy!


Kingmakers is really a gem of a place for all folks, not just seasoned gamers. The board game sommeliers will actually come to help you learn a game, so it is the perfect place to discover a new hobby, enrich your love of gaming, or learn a new game you’ve been wanting to learn.

Can’t wait to go back.

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