“Street” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

I tend to favor simplicity and minimalism in my photos, as you can likely tell with just a quick glance over my photoblog. But when I read today’s Photo 101 assignment, “Street”, my trip to Japan with my husband in 2007 was the first thing that I thought of. Most of my street photography from there is anything but simplistic, or minimalist.

My three year old was home sick with me today, so I didn’t get a chance to go out and take a new photo. My neighborhood isn’t particularly remarkable either, just houses in the suburbs of Columbus. So choosing a photo from Japan was a natural choice.

When we went to Tokyo and Kyoto, I was struck by how alivetheir public streets are. Our first morning in Japan, we went to Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, around dawn. It is an explosion of activity, a living ecosystem of commerce, even at the absurdly early hour that we arrived. I remember it being very difficult to nail down the sheer magnitude of the controlled chaos, but I think this photo does a passable job.

"Street" by Jen Hooks - Photo 101, Blogging University

6 thoughts on ““Street” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

  1. I like it! It’s such a novel way to capture a street. And you actually get to see more through the mirror than you would if you indeed shot towards the other side!


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