“Water” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

It is now day three of this month’s Blogging University Photo 101 course, and today’s theme was “Water”. My first thought was of some impromptu beach sunset photos that I took of my girls in South Carolina last year. But I had time to take a new photo today, and I want to try to challenge myself to go beyond the obvious when I choose my subject for each day’s assignment.

What I encourage everyone to do is to read each new assignment, and file away whatever you think of photographing first. Then, photograph whatever you think of second. Try a new perspective. Try something unexpected. Challenge yourself to dig into the creative corners of your brain, rather than putting the obvious in front of your lens.

I found my subject while taking my two dogs out into the back yard this morning. Water, everywhere. In the middle of a grassy back yard in Ohio, in the form of twinkling gems on leaves and blades of grass.



I hope y’all are having as much fun as I am! And it is only day three. #photo101

6 thoughts on ““Water” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

  1. I am really loving your photos and after reading this post I’m going to challenge myself to think outside my box. My husband has already commented that the subjects of my pictures seem to keep repeating themselves so I definitely need to expand my horizons a little bit.


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