Minimalist Solitude – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

Solitude is today’s assignment for the Photo 101: A Photo a Day course, and it is a perfect prompt for experimenting with the Rule of Thirds, since you can capture the feel of isolation simply by how you compose the shot.

I have a handful of flowering hawthorn trees in my yard at home, and the one closest to my front door is nearly fully flushed out with winter berries, and almost all of the leaves are gone. You might be able to tell by now that I favor minimalist photography, and I love to take photos of leaves. This solitary leaf was still hanging on, and it was my inspiration for today’s prompt.

As always, it is best to view this image large, to see the detail in the leaf.

Solitude, an autumn leaf hangs on to a hawthorn tree, by <a href="">Jen Hooks.</a>

It should be noted that there were a few other leaves hanging onto the tree’s branches, but in order to capture “Solitude”, I was able to shift my composition, using the Rule of Thirds, to isolate this leaf in the frame. I encourage all of you to alter your composition from a standard head-on shot. Get above your subject, or get below it, and shoot upward. A new angle can drastically improve the interestingness of your photograph.


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