“Connect” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

Wow, I’m so far behind on the daily Photo 101 assignments that tomorrow’s assignment has already been posted, and I haven’t even posted today’s.

Today’s theme was “Connect” a great theme to delve into a bit more deeply in today’s over-connected world.

My husband and I first became parents approximately one year before smartphones became ubiquitous and easily accessible. My first daughter was the only one of our three children that was held and cuddled as an infant without an ever-present Apple device nearby, or even in-hand. I got my first smartphone around when my second daughter was a newborn, and it was my lifeline to friends during 2:00 am marathon nursing sessions, sitting alone with her in the dark. I’d play Words With Friends, and cruise Facebook for new posts from fellow moms awake with their babies. I’d catch up with friends in different timezones around the world, living out their days while I sat in a darkened room with my baby girl, listening to my husband’s soft breathing. I felt so connected during a very isolating time. Anyone who has had a child knows how isolating new parenthood can be.

I’ve come to realize that our online connectedness has a steep price at times; we frequently connect to others through social media at the expense of being present with the people that are in front of us. And social media is so alluring, that though we may realize that this is happening, it is very difficult to disconnect.

My husband and I are parents to three incredible children that are all under five years old, and the responsibilities and demands of parenthood make it very difficult most days to find quality time together. My favorite thing to do right now is to curl up in a recliner next to him, with my phone and a snack, and catch up on our favorite TV shows, while I browse Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. He’ll usually have his iPad with him, playing a game or reading a book. Three screens on, between the two of us. I know that we aren’t genuinely connecting with each other, but this mindlessness is usually all I can summon the energy for, and we’re still sharing space, and the common interest of the television show. It is enough.

But when we want more, a real connection, we play board games. Not simplistic board games like Life, or Monopoly; in-depth games that usually have a fairly steep learning curve and can sometimes take hours to play. Tonight, we played Lewis and Clark, and it occurred to me that this was a spot-on subject for today’s photo prompt.

Connection - WordPress.com Photo 101: A Photo a Day. Photo by Jen Hooks.

Most of my photos for this series so far seem to have been in low light, and today’s was no exception. This was taken in our basement with my trusty little 35mm f/2.0, ISO 800, f/2.0, 1/250. Grain was handled a bit in Lightroom, and I also upped the exposure a bit.

3 thoughts on ““Connect” – Photo 101: A Photo a Day

  1. I enjoyed your honesty in relating how social media and devices have crept into our world and become such a big part of it. For all the mindless time that can be spent on phones, tablets or computers it is still great to have the opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime when we do feel isolated. I liked the photo you chose to accompany your words, too. 🙂


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