Winter is here.

It is easy to love the snow when you work from home, and your children’s daycare is only five minutes away.


I’m still working from my dining room table on the days I don’t work at the cafe or Starbucks. My new desk should arrive this week. I really look forward to being back in my office with my space heater, but the view here in my dining room is undeniably lovely right now.

This will be our second winter since we moved from South Carolina to Ohio last September. It seems a bit surreal that it is snowing again, as it feels like we just made it through last winter. Spring and summer are a blur to me. Are we really back to weeks and weeks of snow already?

This past year, I’ve felt mostly like we were just visitors here, despite having my friends and family close(r), and the familiarity of Ohio, my home state. But now that we’ve come full circle on the seasons, I finally feel my roots sinking in. I have memories now of things we did here as a family last winter. I know now that in spite of the cold, gray days and early dusk, that there is love and light and warmth in this home. I know where the bulbs will be sprouting in my yard in the spring. I know that the flowering trees in my yard are hawthorns, and their berries will feed sparrows outside of my office window through the cold months, and they will burst into flower petal confetti in the spring.

I am home.


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