Columbus, Ohio, USA

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Actually, it is kind of a tough job. But it is rewarding, deeply satisfying on a personal and intellectual level, and I get to work from coffee shops and wine bistros.

You should click that blue “Work With Us” button, and check it out.

Office Today

Working from Cork Wine and Dine – great wifi, great atmosphere.

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One thought on “Columbus, Ohio, USA

  1. Hi Jen,

    You just helped my getting my homepage fixed. Thanks!

    I read your last two posts and had to laugh at your December 2014 post. Not that it is laughable. Because it is not. But I so remember these years! Got a sitter! Got plane tickets! Got a break from my two toddlers and my baby and, Bingo! I got sick, or one of them had a strep or an ear infection, or a 104 degree fever. It is terrible.

    But years later, you laugh when you read that something like that happens! Because these years flew by so fast that you come to wish these years were still there!

    Hang on! These years are the best!


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