Tonight was the first time I tried taking all three kids to the grocery by myself. I was at daycare for Mother’s Day tea with the girls and got out early, so I figured I’d take the plunge and save having to go in the morning. I saw dark clouds a ways off, but I’d committed to trying.

Two minutes into shopping, the tornado warning came up on my phone. Loud, loud rain and wind, pounding the roof. An employee said a funnel was sighted, and the intercom advised everyone to head back to the dairy cooler. We piled in, and it was cold. Raw meat and other refrigerated stuff everywhere.

Kids were a dream…the girls kept each other warm. Employees passed out water and cookies. We eventually moved outside of the cooler, and after a few minutes, Captain showed up. My hero! We’re home safe now and skies are clear. It will be awhile before I try another solo grocery trip with the munchkins.

Featured image from Joy Stamp.

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