This isn’t easy.

Dear Captain, remember that time we thought that having a newborn was surely going to be the hardest part of parenting?

I wonder if Peanut finds it a tough job, conducting a reign of terror on her family for most of a morning and afternoon. More screaming, crying, and tantrums than peace and happiness. The littlest two were so tired all day, and we tried our best to wear them out for good nights’ sleep tonight. Hoping it works. I don’t know if we can survive another day like today.

Parenthood is so, so hard.

The cherry on the top of the awfulness was Peanut getting a migraine at the end of the day. She temporarily lost her peripheral vision just like I do when mine start, and it was heart-wrenching and more than a little scary to watch her panic about not being able to see.

She slept for about 13 hours though. I don’t know how she contains her intensity in such a tiny little body.

When she woke up, her face lit up and she told me, “mommy, I can SEE!

My poor sweetheart.

Featured image from Stephen Arnold.

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