Trick or Treat! 

Tonight was trick or treat in our little suburb, and it was a teeny bit more fun than last year. Panda was a bit more capable this year (and threw fewer tantrums), and the girls were pretty into it, though it got to be a bit too cold to hang out for the duration.

Pumpkin was Spider-Man (not  Spider-Girl, mind you), Peanut was a vampire, and Panda was Wolverine (sans pretend adamantium claws) for the second year in a row.


Cap’n and I were wise enough to bring coffee in travel mugs, though next year, I’m going with hot mulled wine. Lots of it.

The kids had a lot of stamina in the beginning! Panda was also very particular about his candy.

We have a culdesac in the neighborhood with a big hill, where presumably very few people go for trick or treat. We came upon this sign at the stop sign at the top of the hill:

Of course my first instinct was, “LET’S DO IT!” and only when halfway down the hill did I realize that this is just the kind of enticement a bad guy in a Halloween horror flick would use to lure people to their gory ends. Then I realized that serial killers probably don’t write in such charming bubble letters, so we went for it.

No masked terrors lurked at the bottom of the culdesac, rather, several young couples and a cute dog named Gus were sitting around a fire and drinking pumpkin craft beer out of an actual pumpkin with a tap in it, and corny Halloween tunes were playing. They were indeed giving out fullsize candy bars, as well as glow sticks for the kids. We may have made some new friends!

Happy (early) Halloween!

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